Democrats Hit The Ground Running On Vaccine Dictatorship

The “Excelsior Pass,” which gives proof of COVID vaccination or negative test results, is coming to New York very soon.

The Excelsior Pass Wallet app will “hold Passes on a cell phone for easy access,” according to People also have the option to print a pass.

A news release says the Excelsior Pass will be like a mobile airline pass.

“Every Pass will feature a QR code, which businesses can scan using another app to get proof of testing or proof of vaccination. Data is held securely and kept private at all times,” the release says.

Venues such as Madison Square Garden will start using the app within the next few days. Other “arts, event and entertainment” establishments will begin using it on Friday, April 2, says Governor Cuomo’s office.

The app will not show health information when scanned. It will only show a green pass mark if the individual has got a negative test or vaccine—or a red mark if not. All health information will be secured using encrypted blockchain.

This is only the beginning. It would not shock us if such “passports” were quickly expanded to most other states and were forced by hospital networks, sports arenas, airlines and other venues.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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