Democrats Humiliated By Last-Minute George Floyd Evidence


During the last day of testimony in the Chauvin trial, the medical expert for the prosecution, Dr. Martin Tobin, said that George Floyd was measured to have 98 percent oxygen after death.

“’It was saturated with oxygen at 98 percent when they measured it at Hennepin Medical Center and that happened at 9.16pm., Tobin explained. This is the normal oxygen for a human’s lung, making it very unlikely he was without oxygen while being restrained by officer Chauvin.

With desperation kicking in, the prosecution also tried to push some evidence into the proceedings at the very end. Judge Cahill made it clear he would not allow this kind of uncouth behavior in his courtroom.

“I find the defense gave good notice that the carbon monoxide possibly in Floyd’s blood might have affected his death., he stated.

Even though Cahill rebuked the prosecution, they continued questioning Dr. Tobin and some experts think the result could lead to a mistrial.

“If he even hints at evidence that has not been heard it will be a mistrial., Judge Cahill said.

This Chauvin case is founded upon an anti-white hatred that has activated savages that serve as the puppeteers of idiots. If Chauvin is seen guilty, then rule by mob will be the norm in America.


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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