Democrats Issue Absurd Ultimatum For New COVID Relief Bill

Photo Via AP / Susan Walsh

Congressional leadership in the Democratic party has already brought the newly unveiled Republican coronavirus relief package to a stand-still as the Dems once again prove to the country that they are willing Americans struggle until they get their way.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are stalling any progress on the bill unless it re-adds the ridiculous $600 per week federal unemployment supplementation.

Republicans have had serious concerns with the extension of the $600 weekly benefit due to the fact that it incentivizes people to stay home – and likely earn more than they did while working – rather than return to the workforce.

The GOP is rightfully worried that this will be a serious drag on American economic recovery efforts and has instead proposed a $200 per week federal unemployment supplement along with an extension of the expiration.

“Unfortunately, we’re pretty far apart right now, although I’m optimistic we could have a good solution at the end,” Schumer said.

Schumer then tried flipping this on the Republicans despite the fact that it was the Democrat’s harmful policies — which the left refuses to compromise on — that have brought the negotiations to a halt.

“We are somewhat frustrated. We had hoped there would be a bill, and instead, in the Senate they’ve put little pieces here and there and everywhere. It’s pretty clear they don’t have 51 votes in the Senate for a proposal,” Schumer said. “We hope they can get their act together. We very much want to get something done for the needs of the people and the needs of the country.”

CNBC reports that negotiations on the package began Monday night, and while the White House team — Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin — were left hopeful by initial discussions, Democrats took to the airwaves after the meeting to express their concerns with the bill.

Pelosi, never one to be left out of the spotlight, went on to twist a portion of the bill that allows business owners to take more in some business expenses as a tax credit.

“They have something in there like a tax credit for expensive dinners and lunches but no money for food stamps or nutrition assistance,” Pelosi told reporters. “Right now we’re at a time when children are food insecure in our country. People are hungry who never thought they’d go to a food bank.”

“If they’re not even getting to the fundamentals of food and rent and economic survival, they’re not really ready to have a serious negotiation,” she added, really reaching with this one as she clearly showed how desperate she was to win one over on the Republicans at any cost.

Pelosi passed her own version of a fourth coronavirus stimulus package last month, the HEROES Act, which, in addition to providing an extension for food programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, provides billions for bailing out the United States Postal Service among other handouts.

The Dem’s bill is triple the cost of the Republicans’ legislation, at a stunning $3 trillion but offers less funding for schooling when contrasted with the GOP’s bill.

Regardless of the current disagreements, both sides predict that they will have to come to the bargaining table to pass some sort of coronavirus stimulus package before Congress goes on recess at the end of August — and before the November elections.

“Both sides at the negotiating table realize this bill may be the last major piece of coronavirus relief legislation to pass Congress before the elections, meaning it could play a key role in whether Trump wins reelection or whether Democrats can capture the Senate majority,” The Hill notes.

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