Democrats Overjoyed By Terrible Covid-19 News

The first known Omicron case in the country has been identified in the state of California, the CDC announced Wednesday.

The announcement was made, with President Biden’s top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci noting during a meeting shortly after this announcement that it was “only a matter of time.” The person identified as having the Omicron covid variant is completely vaccinated and had “mild symptoms that are getting better,” the CDC said.

“All close contacts were contacted and have negative tests,” the CDC said. “Genomic sequencing was done at the University of California and the sequence was tested at CDC as being in line with the Omicron variant. This will be the first time a case of the Omicron variant was seen in the United States.”

Biden said this week that the new variant was a “cause for concern, but not cause for panic” and defended the implementation of travel restrictions in regards to the cases. These travel restrictions are on South Africa, where the variant was first seen, and seven more nations. Some of these nations have not yet had confirmed cases of the Omicron variant and nations not on the list, such as Canada, have announced cases.

The WHO said the Omicron variant was a “variant of concern” and researchers don’t yet know how severe it is and how well the current vaccines work against it. Currently, the White House is urging completely vaccinated Americans to get booster shots and for unvaccinated people to get the shot.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said Tuesday that current coronavirus vaccines will likely be less effective on the Omicron variant, though Fauci has showed his hope that they give “a degree of protection,” as Joe Biden said.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, leader of the South African Medical Association and one of the earliest doctors to inform authorities about the new possible variant, has been critical of the world’s reply to the variant. She recently stressed that current patients usually have “very, very mild symptoms,” though it is still early.

Very, very mild symptoms are linked to the variant, but Democrats want to use it to shutdown the country for their own ends. This all seems like a scam to me, how about you?

Author: Steven Sinclaire