Democrats Panic As Audit Causes The Unthinkable: Trump’s Return

Arizona’s state Senate is starting a large election audit inside the largest county in the state after being blocked by county officials.

“It has taken the Senate almost 2 1/2 months in court to protect our right to give subpoenas for election documents., said state Senator Karen Fann, “and six weeks to select the people who will perform the full audit.”

Arizona’s GOP-controlled Senate has had subpoenas pending since December 15 and has fought in court for the right to see the information they need to conduct the audit.

A judge ruled in favor of the Senate’s right to issue the subpoenas, giving the path for a “full” review of the county’s ballots to also include “testing machines, doing a full recount, scanning ballots, and checking for technology breaches.”

Now, the GOP is working out the final plans on how to conduct the audit, with lawmakers saying certain officials are attempting to “sabotage” their plans.

“The Maricopa BOS has not allowed us to conduct the audit at their locations., Fann said, “and has refused to even answer basic questions such as, How are the election ballots sequestered?”

“The Arizona Senate and the election auditors say they do not expect anything in particular., Fann said. “We are simply doing the full audit to either remove voters’ concerns or fix issues that might be uncovered before the next election.”

“We have not accused anyone of misconduct or fraud, whether it be software, hardware, or actions of people., Fann said. “We hope there is no illegal activity but, if discovered, we will turn the information over to the attorney generals for legal actions to be taken, and will continue to make appropriate corrections.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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