Democrats Realize They Made a Huge Mistake With Cops — But It’s Too Little, Too Late

After more than a year of almost nightly perpetual rioting within the city of Portland, Oregon, the city council has unanimously voted to boost local police budget by around $5.2 million.

The fresh funds gives a total of $7 million to pay for public safety. This all came as a surprise to many people since the events of last year, after the George Floyd riots by BLM and ANTIFA groups, the city voted to reduce the police budget by around $15 million during their ‘Defund the Police’ drive across the country.

We have previously reported many times on the carnage that has been done against Portland by marxists and rioters. This includes the riot which caused $500,000 in damages where police would not intervene along with dangerous and severe increases in Portland’s 911 waiting times.

“Many Portlanders do not feel safe any longer,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said, “And it is our responsibility, as leaders, to take action and give better results within our response system.”

“Portlanders need to feel safe. I am committed to investing into programs that help with public safety in a strategic way, while also supporting new policies and practices to build more trust and accountability,” said Wheeler.

It is worth stressing that Portland’s police dept. is 128 officers short from their authorized strength for smooth operation. The fresh budget will be centered on signing bonuses for new police officers and various other measures to keep current police officers that are thinking about retirement to stay on board. The AP has reported that last year, homicides increased dramatically by 83%.

Only time will tell if the greater funding will aid Portland’s police shortages in a way that actually has an affect. It is also worth mentioning that even with the greater budget, the police dept. is still working with around $10 million less than they had before their first defunding and it might take another refunding if they want to work as a serious police force again in the future.

It seems that Democrats might have finally learned their lesson. But as with everything liberal, you never know when the next insane agenda push will pop up.

Author: Blake Ambrose