Democrats Reject Last-Minute Plea From Republicans

Democrats have rejected efforts this Saturday to forbid imprisoned criminals and illegals from getting the upcoming stimulus check.

Before approving the whopping $1.9 trillion package — which is filled with items completely unrelated to relief — Republicans put forward amendments that would direct the aid at Americans who need it the most.

Republicans Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Tom Cotton (Ark.) and Bill Cassidy (La.) proposed an amendment that could have prevented “any person who is incarcerated in a Federal or State prison” from getting stimulus checks.

Democrats rejected the amendment, 50-49, which would have saved almost $2 billion.

“Prisoners don’t pay taxes. Taxpayers pay for everything they need. These prisoners cannot stimulate the economy. This is a great example of inappropriate and a total waste of money. It’s shocking that this is in the bill,” Cassidy said.

Cruz also introduced an amendment that would have stopped immigrants living in America illegally from getting checks.

Democrats rejected that effort too with a vote of 50-49.

“Biden and Democrats want to send illegals $1,400 checks. I want to prevent that from happening,” Cruz stated.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durban (D-Ill.), then said Cruz was being dishonest.

“The statement from the Texas senator is plain false. Undocumented immigrants don’t have Social Security numbers, and do not qualify for stimulus checks,” Durbin said.

Other amendments rejected include one to allow the Keystone pipeline to continue, another to give more targeted relief, among other amendments.

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