Democrats Scared Stiff, Republicans Make Unexpected Gains In Blue States

A new survey finds former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe behind GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin among possible voters in the crucial race for Virginia’s governorship.

The Fox News survey released this week found that 53% of possible voters backed Youngkin, while just 45% said they backed McAuliffe.

That same survey previously revealed that McAuliffe was getting 51% support among possible voters, with Youngkin only getting 46%.

The gubernatorial election will be decided next Tuesday.

McAuliffe has attempted to connect Youngkin as much as he can to former President Trump in an attempt to motivate Democratic and liberal base to the polls.

The former governor (2014-18) delivered damaging ammunition to his opponent when he said during a debate that Americans parents should not be able to tell school leaders what to teach their kids. The quote played into anger about transgender bathrooms, anti-white critical race theory, and vaccine mandates inside schools.

The gubernatorial election is seen by many people as a warning sign for the incoming midterm elections where the GOP is expected to retake the United State House of Representatives with a favorable slew of elections. Democrats are anxious that if the election is very close, it could mean that Republicans are going toward many electoral victories.

Although McAuliffe was favored to win the election, newer polls show Youngkin making inroads to tighten the race significantly.

“Independents have left Joe Biden, Terry McAuliffe’s polling has been going down among independents as well,” said Dr. Bob Holworth, an analyst for WTVR-TV.

“And that I believe, more than anything, could be the top factor that is changing these polls and tightening the race in Virginia,” he said.

The Fox News survey, done October 24-27, had a margin error of 3 percentage points, plus or minus.

This comes at a time when Biden has lost in almost every metric in every survey done regarding his performance. With more and more Americans seeing his incompetence for what it is. And all signs point toward everything getting worse. Inflation, the supply chain crisis, mass immigration are just a few issues angering Americans going into the midterms.

Author: Scott Dowdy