Democrats Sweating — Bombshell Report Confirms Their Biggest Lie


The state of Michigan is now the top state in terms of coronavirus cases per population. Even after Democrat Govenor Gretchen Whitmer put into place one of the worst lockdown policies of any state in the country.

The CDC has said there were 5,177 new covid cases and 48 deaths this past week. Even though Whitmer forced an orwellian shutdown and keeps restricting public life, her state’s virus numbers are the highest in the country.

Health officials and other self-described experts are already leveraging this news to push for another lockdown ramp-up.

“In Michigan, we are not going in the correct direction. Cases are increasing,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, a public health doctor at the Michigan HHS

“The percentage of positivity is increasing, which means there are possibly more cases we are missing. And so we must careful, especially with other variants on the horizon,” she said.

On top of this push for orwellian control, Whitmer is also possibly just as guilty as New York Governor Cuomo for committing the same type of COVID-19 nursing home genocide in 2020. The propaganda will keep going until these Democrats finally get held accountable.

Author: Blake Ambrose


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