Democrats Use Nazi-Like Tactics To Punish The Unvaccinated

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might now be gone, but his replacement, Governor Kathy Hochul, seems to be trying to be worse from a policy perspective.

She is going all-out to impose vaccine mandates on the state’s workers. School employees and state healthcare professionals must give proof that they already had at least one vaccine shot by Monday. As we said yesterday, the school employees got a reprieve from a court placing temporary restraining order on the mandate, with the final decision coming this week.

But not only is NY attempting to force the vaccine on Americans — firing them if they do not comply — they are also going an extra shocking mile to punish you if you do not.

Hochul announced that people who are fired for not accepting the vaccine will also not be able to get unemployment benefits. And she announced that only two days before the deadline, so if you believed you could get around their edict and then get unemployment, you are flat out of luck. The only way out is a “valid, doctor request,” according to the Daily Mail.

This means, effectively, either you accept the jab or you are out of work with no income at all.

Now, I question if Governors can legally do this, and I imagine more people will be questioning this too.

But, it proves that this is all about Democrats having control.

Recently the governor also spoke about how she would deal with any possible shortage in workers for the state. She revealed that she would sign an executive order to declare a state of emergency to increase the workforce supply. Going on to hint that she would bring in H1-B visa migrants to replace the American-born workers. With other options being medically-trained National Guard members.

If she doesn’t believe that replacing possibly thousands of people would not result in chaos, she must have her head examined.

Many slammed her choice to declare such an “emergency.”

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY) blasted her for the move, saying it revealed a “massive failure” of approach.

Author: Scott Dowdy