Democrats Wake Up — Realize How Ridiculous Their Beliefs Are

Primaries in NY City happened this week, and the most interesting election was the Democrat Primary for Mayor. The winner is expected to easily win the Mayor election and will replace current Mayor Bill de Blasio.

While there was a big field of Democrats wanting to be mayor, the top four candidates each had a large faction of the Democrat Party behind them.

The leader, by a shocking margin of 32% over the runner up, was Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a long-time veteran and retired NYPD Captain, ending way ahead of the far-leftist, Maya Wiley, who got the endorsement of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Former Presidential Primary candidate and Democrat, Andrew Wang, who was the leader in early polling, and who got a lot of press attention, ended up fourth with just 12%.

What is shocking about the outcome, and the thing that should terrify the Democrats for 2022, is the fact that Adams got elected on a platform that was pro-police. He slammed the ridiculous agenda of many big-city Democrats like de Blasio, who excused the George Floyd riots for the political advantage it gave them against Trump.

The outcome of the election was expected to be much tighter, with both Wiley and Yang thought to do better than the 22% and 12% vote that they got. Also, Adams greatly over-performed what was expected.

One of Mayor de Blasio’s most anger-causing moves in changing NYPD policies was to remove the “anti-crime” units in every precinct in the city. The “anti-crime” officers operated in plain clothes and their responsibility was to deal with street crime before it happened. The unit had a total of around 600 plainclothes officers citywide whose focus was to seize illegal guns from streets.

Early numbers showed that gun crime increased by over 200% right after de Blasio’s disbandment.

The take-away from the events coming after the Mayor’s actions, and the Democrat Primary election, is that even Democrats are rallying behind pro-police candidates instead of anti-police candidates endorsed by AOC and other far-left lunatics.

Author: Scott Dowdy