DeSantis Comes Up With Genius Solution To Biden’s Raging Border Crisis

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said this week that he would send illegals to Delaware if President Biden did not protect the southern border.

DeSantis replied to a question about Biden’s secret migrant flights being sent to Florida from places close to the southern border. White House media secretary Jen Psaki previously reported on October 19 it should not be a “surprise” to Americans that the Biden White House is flying illegals to Florida and NY from the southern border.


“If they are going to come here, we will provide buses. I will send them to Delaware. If he won’t support the border being protected, then he should have everyone there,” DeSantis threatened.

DeSantis gave an executive order in Sept. that prevented Florida state agencies from aiding the Biden White House to move illegals. DeSantis also said he would sue the Biden White House for its “catch and release” agenda.

DeSantis previously said the border crisis was an intentional policy founded on an “open borders ideology.”

“The Biden White House refuses to follow the immigration laws of our nation, and states bear the full brunt of the government’s failures,” Governor DeSantis’ office said in a comment. “DeSantis is committed to leading and doing everything he can to protect Floridians.”

“Of course, it would be ideal if the federal government did its job and use their resources to enforce the current federal law, but since that is not happening, the state must step up wherever it can to mitigate the impact of the Joe Biden Border Crisis,” the comment reads.

“It means that sending illegals to Delaware, or even maybe Martha’s Vineyard, maybe we will. Since Joe Biden believes his open border free for all is great for our nation, I’m sure he will not object to this,” DeSantis said.

This comes at a time when all other nations with large white populations are also suffering from a liberal elite ruling class that want to flood them with refugees. A fact that even Republicans fail to mention when they speak up against open borders in America.

Author: Blake Ambrose