DeSantis Draws a Line In The Sand, Dares Biden To Cross It

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) said again this week that there will be no vaccine mandates for children in the state of Florida.

He also said state officials will not create state-run vaccine sites like the ones opened at the start of the year for adults, the news outlet WFLA has reported.

“The vaccines will go to everybody in the widespread normal medical system as always,” DeSantis said. “So we are not doing vaccine sites. They are at the pharmacies. And they are readily available for everyone.”

“I do not believe there is a difference in the vaccine that is doing,” he said. “I think they may take a low dosage. So there is no shortage of availability for this. But it is not something the state is working to administer at this time. We basically have helped it through the entire economy in April. So it has been available at every drug store after this.”

During the media conference at Duval County, the Republican governor said the choice to vaccinate a kid for covid-19 was a parent’s choice.

“It is already unlawful to mandate the vaccine for young kids, and we are going to ensure that is enforced and parents can make these crucial decisions for their kids and their future,” he said.

U.S. health leaders earlier this week gave final clearance to Pfizer’s child covid shot, the AP reported.

“The FDA already authorized the vaccine for kids between 5 to 11 — doses only one third of the amount given to adults and teens. But the CDC formally recommends who should get FDA-cleared vaccines,” the new outlet said.

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has made it certain he will everything to prevent the federal government from forcing Florida citizens to choose to get the covid vaccine or be fired from their jobs.

“I will not allow a heavy handed government to force Florida citizens to take the vaccine. That breaks their constitutional rights, oversteps onto their medical freedoms, and threatens to destroy their livelihoods,” Governor DeSantis said on social media.

Democrats have responded with their typical hatred and confusion. But conservatives are applauding the news and hoping more states follow in the governor’s footsteps.

Author: Steven Sinclaire