DeSantis Gives Biden a Huge Dose Of His Own Medicine

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis passed an executive order this week to guard Floridians from the dangerous results of the Biden open border agenda.

Executive Order 21-223 stops all Florida government agencies from “helping illegal immigration into the state of Florida, unless otherwise forced to by federal or state laws, and requires the collection of details from officials on the costs and scope of illegal immigration in the state of Florida.”

“Since President Joe Biden took office, the Border Patrol has allowed almost a quarter million illegals into the U.S.,” DeSantis said in a comment.

“This executive order ensures that Florida state resources will not get used to help the terrible open border agenda being pushed by this White House.”

The order also puts into power Larry Keefe, former U.S. Attorney for Florida, as a public safety czar to guarantee the actions within the executive order are conducted correctly.

“A.G. Ashley Moody has issued a lawsuit against the Biden White House challenging its policy of releasing the stunning number of illegals they have caught at the southern border into the U.S.,” DeSantis said.

The Florida attorney general dealt with the need for the executive order due to the Joe Biden White House’s “complete disregard” for immigration measures.

“Biden’s brazen disregard for federal immigration rules and laws is hurting the security of Florida and our nation, all while taking money away from Florida taxpayers,” Moody said in the comment.

“Biden’s open border policy is an open invitation to human traffickers, criminals, and drugs traffickers to come into the United States — creating a disaster at the Southern Border like has never been seen before.”

Keefe stressed that Florida was impacted more directly from increased illegal immigration.

“As a former U.S. Attorney, I watched illegals get deported and then come back, and then getting deported again and coming back in a shocking cycle,” Keefe said in his comment.

“Florida bears a large brunt in this cycle. Over the next weeks and months, our agencies will be addressing the harm that illegal immigration does to our state. I want to thank Gov. DeSantis for appointing me to spearhead these efforts.”

Author: Blake Ambrose