DeSantis Makes Democrats Squirm In a Whole New Way

The rate of Florida’s job growth was about six times faster than the nation’s as a whole in Nov., Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Friday.

“The rate of our job growth is about six times faster than what Americas is as a whole which is because we have worked hard to keep our state open and to protect the jobs of Floridians,” DeSantis stated, attributing the success of the job growth to pro-freedom policies which have let Floridians continue to work while democratic states, many of which were locked down for an extended amount of time, continue to implement coercive policies, making people choose between the shot and their jobs. Gov. DeSantis went on to say:

“Because we have protected the people’s livelihoods, the people of Florida are more confident in finding employment and operating their own companies. We will keep focusing on Florida’s foundation of freedom to make sure that our state remains a leader in the economic growth and all Floridians are capable of succeeding.”

The Sunshine State added 51,100 jobs this month, compared to the country, which added 210,000 jobs (0.1 percent) during the same time period.

According to the gov.’s office:

The state of Florida also experienced huge labor force growth, adding 42,000 workers into the labor force. Florida’s labor force has risen by 6.1% during the year compared to the country’s labor force increase of 0.9% over that same time period. The state added 470,000 private sector jobs during the year, going up by 6.4% and beating the job growth of the national private sector by 2.0 percentage points.

Also supporting the job growth of Florida is a business climate that helps support the economy. For the fifth consecutive year, Florida has come in ranked number four in the country in the 2022 State Business Tax Index released by the Tax Foundation and is the only big state in the top 5. Florida’s ranking contrasts with other big states that consistently stay in the bottom tier: states such as California (#48) and New York (#49) are continuously near the bottom of the State Tax Climate Index in the country. Florida has a competitively lower top corporate tax rate and does not have a personal income tax.

Specifically, Florida’s unemployment rate fell 0.1 percent during the last month, clocking in at 4.5 percent. Also, the growth of the state’s labor force “represents a 6.1% boost over the year compared to 0.9% nationally,” as reported by the governor’s office, which also said that Florida companies added 46,700 private sector jobs during the last month.

The news comes as Gov. DeSantis promotes pro-freedom policies in Florida, while recently signing legislation in Brandon, Florida — which is a nod to the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” movement that is sweeping across the nation — to protect people from losing their jobs over the vaccine mandates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire