DeSantis Outmaneuvers Biden With This Genius-Level Move

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said late this week that he has gotten more doses of the lifesaving antibody treatment even with the Biden White House taking control of the new treatment and effectively lowering Florida’s needed supply.

The governor published a video announcing the success with the caption, “Governor DeSantis announces more doses of monoclonal antibody treatments to counteract the lowering of Florida’s supply of the treatment.”

The Biden White House had announced they would be rationing the supply of the treatment, effectively lowering the supply from redstate citizens in states like Texas and Florida.

The move was said to be about limiting possible shortages elsewhere, though there were not any signs of any shortage. The takeover was criticized and even said to be an act of “partisan revenge” by Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL).

“Antibody treatments are not a substitute for covid vaccines. But they have stopped thousands of hospitalizations in these breakthrough cases,” Senator Marco Rubio said via Twitter last Thursday. “Now in a push that looks like partisan revenge against states such as Florida, the Biden White House is rationing these crucial treatments.”

Notably, the treatment was actually underutilized, as stressed in a detailed report previously this month. The White House, ironically, was criticized for not pushing the treatment and for it getting to far fewer Americans than should have it just weeks before Biden unveiled this move to take over the treatment.

The top company providing the treatment is Regeneron, which has partnered with the federal authorities to give the treatment to Americans for free. The company stated in late Aug. that it was getting to fewer than 30% of patients who were eligible — and that was up a lot from from its numbers back in July, when Regeneron only got to under 5% of eligible patients.

The Washington Post last month slammed Biden’s for not promoting the care. After Marcella Nunez-Smith, the COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force chair, said in August that the treatment was effective and helps “keep Americans alive,” the Post said: “Her comment marked one of the few times since the Biden White House took office that the antibodies were promoted by his response team. A review of its 52 briefings or media conferences shows they were spoke about mostly when Fauci offered a research update.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire