DHS Begs For Volunteers — You Won’t Believe Why

We are reaching 50 days with a President who is unwilling to speak to American citizens. With no press conferences, and no comments about the horror scene he and Democrats have caused at our border with Mexico. 

Things are so terrible there that the DHS is looking for volunteers to help with the “overwhelming” amount of illegals coming through.

“Today, I used the Volunteer Force to help Customs and Border Protection as they come up against a surge of migration through our border,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The order was sent by Mayorkas in a message to all employees.

In the message, Mayorkas said, “you have probably seen the news about the large overflowing numbers of people seeking access to his nation along the border.” He continued, “President Joe Biden and myself are committed to guaranteeing our country has a safe and humane system of immigration while keeping the balance for all other vital DHS missions.”

If only President Joe Biden himself were making similar comments. 

Fox News reports that DHS volunteers, “in a non-law enforcement way, will aid in carrying out tasks like assisting inside control rooms, housekeeping, making meals, doing prescription meds and supply runs.”

Mayorkas’ message had a sense of desperation and urgency: “I also understand these are uncertain times and may be concerning. But your colleagues require assistance carrying out their mission to aid others, and DHS will support you while deployed…your wellbeing will remain our priority.”

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