Election Audit Discovery Puts Biden’s Presidency At Risk

A cyber expert working on the election audit team in Arizona has testified on Tuesday that he recovered an allegedly deleted folder from the election server.

Ben Cotton — the CEO of CyFir, a digital forensics firm — told Arizona Senate President Karen Fann that he found the missing directory while investigating the Master File Table.

The MFT, he said during the special meeting, is a “record of all files and directories inside the partition and a pointer to where that data is on the hard drive.”

The database directory from the machine “EMSPrimary” had been deleted, he said.

“As I performed the MFT discovery, I found that clear indications that the database directory was deleted,” Cotton said.

He then told Fann he was able to recover these files.

“All of this might be a moot point because I have been able to recover all these files. And I have the data,” Cotton said.

In a letter to the Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County last week, Fann brought up the problem of the deleted files.

The board responded with a letter to Fann this Monday.

The board gave the reason for the files showing up as deleted is that “the Elections Department shut down the server to be prepared for delivery to the Senate.”

“At no point was any data deleted when stopping the server or packing up the equipment,” the audit officials responded.

Meanwhile, the board also would not hand over county routers to auditors to ensure that voting tabulator software was not connected to the internet on election night.

Author: Steven Sinclaire