Elon Musk Almost Single-Handedly Brings China Down

Tensions are rising between China and the United States — in space this time — and with Elon Musk appearing to be the source.

China complained to the United Nations about two satellites that its own space station almost hit, reported by Bloomberg.

Zhao Lijian stated that the two satellites from the United States company, SpaceX, which was founded by Elon Musk, came very close to the Chinese station. He said this made astronauts take evasive measures.

“For safety purposes, China’s Space Station put into effect control measures for preventive collision avoidance,” said Beijing, according to BBC.

Beijing then criticized the United States for being irresponsible.

“The U.S., while speaking on responsible behavior in outer space, is ignoring its own obligations under the treaty,” said Zhao, reported by Bloomberg.

China reported to the UN on Dec. 3 and stated that the United States wasn’t complying with its responsibilities that are outlined in the Outer Space Treaty.

This treaty states that space is free for all exploration and that nations will be “responsible for all national space activities regardless if they are carried out by non-governmental or governmental entities” and “they will be liable for any damage caused by their space objects.”

Musk’s SpaceX controls an internet satellite network named Starlink and it has already launched nearly 1,900 satellites, with plans to launch thousands more into space, reported by BBC.

Chinese social media spoke out against the U.S. and Musk after China put in their official complaint to the UN.

A Weibo comment said, “Musk is just a new ‘weapon’ made by the United States military and government,” according to BBC.

This is another step in the increasing tensions between China and the U.S.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg commented that a top scientist in China stated that they could send astronauts to the moon by the year 2030.

However, this announcement came after Biden’s administration announced that the United States was looking at a similar time frame for a lunar exploration, which some think could pit the U.S. and China against each other, based on a report by Bloomberg.

There has been no comment from the U.S. or Musk regarding China’s complaint about SpaceX’s satellites.

Author: Steven Sinclaire