Emergency Hearing Underway: Biden’s Competence In Question

Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) criticized Biden’s handling of the emergency at the southern border and called for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to testify to the Senate in a letter to President Biden.

Hawley said that a surge of illegal crossings is directly connected to the new policies introduced by Biden’s White House.

“And while every president has the right to change policy within certain parameters given in statute, when those changes end with greater levels of illegal crossings, then it is vital that the administration give an explanation to lawmakers and to the American public,” Hawley said.

The senator stressed Jen Psaki’s response to a question this week about the amount of children detained inside federal facilities at the border.

“I don’t believe we must sit here and give new labels to what we already see is challenging,” Psaki said.

Senator Hawley urged the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Gary Peters, to “schedule a hearing as soon as possible on the escalating emergency at the border,” according to a letter sent to Peters.

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