Even Democrats Are Angry About Biden’s New Policy

Biden has requested that the Bureau of Prisons stop the contracts of 11 prisons that are known for holding mostly foreign criminals. In response, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers asked for Biden to reconsider his choice. If pushed through, the IAMAW said the change would harm 1,200 union jobs.

The union noted the locations that Biden is wanting to close are among the largest employers in their areas. Because of this, they stressed how negative these closures will be on the community.

“The closure of these locations will mean thousands of hard-working Americans losing their jobs during the most economically difficult times in our nation’s history,” IAMAW President Robert Martinez said.

President Biden has positioned himself as being very pro-union, often saying he would like to create more unionized jobs. Yet, his order seems a lot like Obama’s initiative where the DOJ threatened to do the same if inmate populations were not lowered.

Author: Blake Ambrose