Extremely Powerful Democrat Concedes Defeat To Republican Truck Driver

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney finally gave up the fight – conceding to GOP challenger Edward Durr on Wednesday.

Sweeney’s loss is a major blow to the Democratic party and comes as voters reject increasingly radical policies set forth by the left wing politicians.

The swell in GOP support nearly cost the election for Democratic Governor Phil Murphy as well in what was an unexpectedly tight race.

“It was a red wave,” Sweeney said at a Wednesday press conference when asked how Durr, a truck driver and political newcomer who spent only a few thousand dollars on his campaign, beat the second most powerful politician in the state.

“The results of Tuesday’s elections are in. All votes have been fairly counted and I, of course, accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck,” Sweeney said while delivering prepared remarks.

“The people of the third legislative district are the best of New Jersey. It has been an honor and privilege to represent them in the state Senate and to serve as the president of the state Senate.”

“What voters said in this election, New Jersey is a state filled with hard-working people who want to be able to provide for their families. As leaders, we need to speak directly to the concerns of all voters. I plan to keep speaking to those concerns. I plan to remain fully involved in public affairs in New Jersey,” he added.

Durr spent only $2,300 on his campaign, according to an election document cited by the Associated Press. Sweeney on the other hand – dropped roughly $305,000 in his loss to the Republican trucker.

At a press conference, Durr said that he’d had little contact with Sweeney, but had spoken to the Democratic leader on the phone since his concession.

The Record reported:

“Durr, at a news conference in Washington Township, Gloucester County, later Wednesday afternoon, said he and Sweeney had spoken on the phone but didn’t share the details of that conversation.

The senator-elect was complimentary toward the outgoing Senate president, saying Sweeney had earned the right to take his time in conceding. Their political differences, Durr said, do not extend to personal differences.

He said voters clearly responded to him and his positions, but he also saw it as a commentary on how South Jersey feels about the state of the state.”

Durr’s win came off a swell of GOP support in New Jersey and Virginia. While the GOP picked up seats in New Jersey’s legislature, Republicans routed Democrats in Virginia, winning all three statewide elections, and flipping the state House of Delegates.

The GOP landslide in Virginia was a referendum on the Biden presidency considering that Joe Biden won the state by 10 points just last year.

Since seeing the results of these two state’s elections, Democrats have been in full-blown panic mode as they attempt to desperately come up with a way to save their party from a potentially even worse fate in the 2022 midterms.

Author: Mitchell Colter