Facebook Bans This Narrative-Destroying Story

Facebook is firing away at the New York Post. The tech giant does not believe the news outlet should be allowed to say whatever it wants. They need to be controlled with discipline.

For the third time in twelve months, Facebook has banned the sharing of certain stories from the New York Post. They all flipped the liberal narrative or they damaged a Democratic candidate.

The latest of these stories is drawing a lot of heat. The social media platform is using privacy as a reason to ban the sharing of a groundbreaking exposé of the real estate purchases of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

The $3.2 million dollar real estate purchases of Patrisse Khan-Cullors are big news because she calls herself a Marxist, and since she is also a public figure, it’s ok to investigate whether she is practicing what she preaches. Also, the finances of BLM are a combination of for-profit and nonprofit donations. But they don’t reveal the compensation of their executives. Are donators paying for these homes?

Facebook reported to Tucker Carlson that “This content was deleted for violating our personal information and privacy policy.” They say this because someone could find the house using the description within the article.

That is BS of course. In fact, the article was well written and avoided giving any such details.

Included were some photos of the homes she bought, but no addresses or even the city in some cases. The reporter even got the information from public records which anyone can obtain.

Khan-Cullors’ attorneys have a sympathetic ear at Facebook it seems, because five days after the article was ran, the tech giant claimed it broke its “community standards.” “This content was deleted for violating our personal information and privacy policy., Facebook said.

As you might imagine, the Post is very angry.

This choice is so arbitrary it is funny. Does Facebook understand how many websites and newspapers highlight the real estate buys of the rich and famous? When People magazine covers the latest mansion buy of Kim Kardashian, will it break their community standards? How about publishing a picture of the resort Ted Cruz is vacationing at? This rule has not been applied fairly.

The Post gets no sympathy from other media outlets because they’re owned by the somewhat conservative Murdoch family. So this story is barely being reported.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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