Far-Left Mayor Blames 2nd Amendment For Skyrocketing Crime, After Defunding Police

By Rich Welsh July 15th, 2020 | Image Source: The Beltway Report

Here we go again. Another Democrat politician deflecting blame for gun violence in his city on an inanimate object, the guns.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC), on Monday, blamed “guns” for the escalating violence in his city while doing a video address.

Blaming the guns is the scoundrel’s way out. It’s a politician’s way of saying he grieves with those who lost a loved one to gun violence, without having the place blame on any particular people, including those who used the guns to kill people, because blaming the guns means he doesn’t have to answer to anyone since guns don’t talk back.

Following a weekend of violence where 35 people had been shot, including a murdered 1-year-old baby boy, de Blasio complained that real culprit was the number of guns in his city and in the US as a whole.

That’s really strange, because there are plenty of cities around the country with many guns, and they don’t have the violence problems that are found in de Blasio’s NYC. Or in Lightfoot’s Chicago. Or in Frey’s Minneapolis. Or in Garcetti’s Los Angeles. The common denominator is they’re all run by Democrats for decades.

De Blasio spoke the child’s name, Davell Gardner, Jr, and talked about the infinite possibilities and opportunities Davell could have had.

Confession: My eyes teared up last night while I watched a segment of Hannity where reporter Lawrence Jones interviewed the father and the grandmother of the baby boy. You can not get through watching that interview without being hit emotionally like a gut punch. My heart goes out to them because no parent should ever have their child’s life taken from them that way.

De Blasio then circled back to the shooting, saying, “This is not anything that we can allow in our city.”


True, but the mayor has done things that have allowed gun violence to escalate in New York City. He allowed rioters to destroy property, looters to rob businesses, many of them black-owned businesses. De Blasio went after Jewish people for being outside to attend the funeral of a much-beloved Rabbi, but he didn’t bat an eye at protesters and their worse half the rioters and looters.

People in NYC were attacked and beaten without using guns. Businesses were looted and burned down without the use of guns.

De Blasio once again threw his cops under the bus. After a year or so of allowing his police to be publicly demoralized by a campaign of snot-nosed street thugs throwing water on uniformed police officers who he ordered to stand down so the water throwers could walk away with impunity, he went and disbanded the undercover cops known as the “Anti-Crime Unit” one of the most effective police squads in the NYPD, known for getting the guns off the streets. This half-wit mayor also went along with defunding the NYPD by $1.5 billion from their budget. And why? Because de Blasio is a coward who couldn’t stand up to Black Lives Matter and tell them that the good people of his city need police protection.

Things have gotten so bad in the city that prominent black community leaders called on the NYPD to bring back the Anti-Crime Unit.

He added, “It’s heartbreaking for so many reasons, and it begins with the fact that there are just so many guns out there and that’s a New York tragedy and a national tragedy.”

Shut up, de Blasio! Just. Shut. Up! I hold the mayor responsible for creating the environment that lead to Darvell Gardner, Jr’s death. If Democrats would just once tackle the problem of gun violence by announcing a new policy that law-abiding residents will be allowed to get a concealed carry license, and they announced it on all television news and print media, the gun violence problem in their city would drop 50 percent almost overnight.

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Author: Rich Welsh

Source: The Beltway Report: After Disbanding Anti-Crime Unit Mayor de Blasio Blames 358% Increase in Violence on Guns [VIDEO]

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