Fauci Goes All In On More Coronavirus Restrictions, Mandates And Rules

In Wednesday’s media briefing by the Biden White House Coronavirus Team, Dr. Fauci hinted about the “possible future requirement” for an additional booster, something he said he is starting “to very carefully monitor in real time.”

The “possible future requirement” could be a fourth booster for those who got mRNA vaccines and a third booster for people who got the J&J vaccine, Fauci said. “Recommendations, if needed, will be changed according to the data as things evolve,” he said nonspecifically.

In the same discussion, Fauci said “the dynamics of the outbreak look to be in a steep downward direction” but more “boosting will be crucial in maintaining the downward trajectory.” Conveniently, Fauci’s slide about the subject did not mention the natural immunity in people who were already infected.

For people keeping count, we are now looking at four vaccine doses in under one year since the vaccines were released. Those who warned about COVID vaccines becoming a yearly event may want to change their prediction to a quarterly happening if Fauci gets his way.

And the Biden White House and the CDC have not totally altered the definition of “completely vaccinated” to include a booster, they changed their language concerning being “up to date” on covid vaccines to mean boosted within a timeframe to get another dose. Multiple companies were pushed ahead with vaccines even as President Joe Biden’s OSHA mandate for companies was stopped by the Supreme Court.

Georgetown University, as one example, forced students and staff to be completely boosted before attending classes for the spring semester. Other firms also ask their staff to be boosted to stay in compliance with their vaccines. If Fauci goes through on what he said on Tuesday, does this mean all the employees would need to get an additional dose to stay employed? Will Fauci’s desire to transform Americans’ shoulders into Swiss cheese ever stop?

What part of Joe Biden’s pledge that vaccinated people can get rid of masks, only to discover that they are subject to masking mandates, sounds “deliberate,” exactly? Do these people recall that Biden missed his famed Independence Day vaccination goal? Or how the Omicron and Delta variants caused Biden to give up and say there is not a federal solution to the covid pandemic?

Author: Blake Ambrose