Fauci Infuriates Everyone By Changing The Meaning Of “Completely Vaccinated”

If you have been watching, once you see the huge effort the Biden White House was undertaking to force booster shots despite the widespread skepticism of Americans and even the hesitancy of the FDA to accept their use for adults, you know what might happen next.

Now it is here.

During an interview with The Atlantic, Dr. Fauci said that he thought that booster shots would be standard in the future if you want to be seen as fully protected.

“Having said this, I have made it certain that my opinion was always that I think a third-shot booster for a two-dose mRNA should and will be the correct and complete regimen. The vaccine is successful. The durability of it is something that is a subject of discussion and debate.”

“I think we should be stopping people from getting sick from coronavirus even if they do not end up in a hospital bed,” Dr. Fauci said this week.

However, Fauci also said he “rejects” skeptics and insisted it is beneficial to have temporary protection instead of no protection at all; despite the fact that the mRNA vaccine was designed stop the virus.

During his interview, Fauci said it is highly likely that people won’t be seen as fully-vaccinated unless they also have the booster shots.

The top medical adviser explained that the Delta Variant changed the control of the pandemic which caused vaccinations to become less preventative, thus needing the boosters.

Now we should also note that Fauci is warning people to wait to get their booster until it is approved for their age by the FDA. Currently, it is only approved for those over 65 and people at serious risk for coronavirus. The CDC director was recommending it for these people and who are at a higher risk of getting sick due to professional exposure, like healthcare workers. But Fauci says it will be approved for all people soon and then become the new regimen, despite not really have long-term information on the effectiveness of the boosters. In other words, Dr. Fauci is already hinting at yet again changing the goalposts of America’s “return to normal.”

Author: Blake Ambrose