Fauci’s Latest Bold-Faced Lie Earns Him a Scathing Warning From DeSantis

Once again, two very committed and opposing sides have collide. One, the ornament of the Dem COVID hysteria group. The other, a Republican Party leader who had enough of the first guy right after the pandemic started.

I am referring of course to NIAID Director Dr. Fauci, and Florida’s GOP governor, DeSantis — a political death match of course. Speaking of which, I would get the pay-per-view for that one.

Our story starts with DeSantis this week, but first, Fauci, who previously went on CNN this Wednesday said that it is not a matter of if a third coronavirus booster will be needed; it is simply a matter of when.

His segment on CNN really gives life to the motto “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

This is yet one more example of where you have to wonder how and why this guy is still the end-all of the government’s COVID policies.

So now let’s discuss the no-nonsense GOP governor of Florida.

Speaking in Florida, DeSantis briefly spoke about the Omicron variant and the prompt hyperbolic reaction by liberals — including from Dr. Fauci himself — to the news media, suggesting that Americans should have more fear about how “governments would do terrible things to reply to Omicron” rather than fearful of the covid variant itself.

“And here in this state, we won’t allow them to put you on lockdown. We don’t let them restrict you. We are not going to allow them to impose mandates. We will not let them close the schools. We will guard your freedoms to make your own choices.”

“And I have no issues if somebody is — if they are scared of Omicron,” DeSantis said, “and they want to lock you down or they wish to isolate, that is really their decision in this free society.” Then the hammer really came down:

“But you do not impose Faucism on the entire country or on this state. It’s just wrong.”

Besides, Governor DeSantis said to the applauding crowd: “It’s not as though you lock down and it will simply go away.” COVID is something society we have to deal with, he said, saying Florida has given effective options in dealing with the virus while simultaneously allowing for individual freedom.

Author: Steven Sinclaire