FBI Raids Conservative Reporter — Takes Everything That Could Incriminate Biden

The FBI has raided James O’Keefe’s residence in NY this Saturday, apparently searching for evidence in the supposed theft of a journal that belonged President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden.

The NY Times reported about the raid, in a piece that was co-written by numerous Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, including Michael Schmidt, who brags that he won an award for his coverage of President Trump and his election campaign’s connections to Russia, even though this story has now completely fallen apart.

Several pages from the Ashley Biden diary were published during the 2020 election, but were largely ignored by the mainstream media, supposedly because of doubts about their authenticity.

The Times said:

“Federal authorities this Saturday searched James O’Keefe’s home, the founder of the conservative organization Project Veritas, according to those briefed on the issue, a day after Mr. O’Keefe acknowledged that the organization was under investigation by the Justice Dept. in relation with a diary that was stolen from Ashley Biden, who is the President’s daughter.”

“Mr. O’Keefe did not promptly respond to a request for remarks this Saturday. But in a video comment this past Friday, he said that Project Veritas was involved in talks with sources concerning the diary before the election and that his organization had recently got a grand jury subpoena.”

O’Keefe stated that his Project Veritas chose not to include stories surrounding the diary, and had given it to police:

Jonathan Turley from George Washington University said that the O’Keefe raid was weird, as a stolen diary did not implicate any sort of federal crime, and suggested the idea that Biden’s Dept. of Justice could be targeting a journalist they see as a political opponent.

“The use of the FBI here is also reminiscent of the still not explained use of the FBI when Biden was VP to search for a gun that was owned by Hunter Biden and was thrown out behind a restaurant,” Turley said, adding there should be more worry shown by other news organizations over this raid.

We will have to watch this week to see how the mainstream media covers this story. But it wouldn’t surprise us if they choose to ignore it completely.

Author: Steven Sinclaire