Federal Court Humiliates Biden, Cancels Anti-White Agenda

The 2020 crisis hurt all of us. Yet some leaders are claiming some folks suffered more than the rest, because of their race.

Any sane person knows that the virus did not care about what your skin color was. And when society was halted, nobody could function.

But when it was time to give relief to small businesses, Biden made a very shocking move to push certain people to the back of the line.

He set rules that put non-white business owners in the front. And white men in the back to wait for weeks—when the cash could have ran out.

Now, a court is hitting the Biden Administration for discrimination.

A federal appeals court decided in the favor of a conservative group that tried to stop President Biden’s administration from carrying out their anti-white discrimination plan.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Appeals Court gave their 2-1 decision that ruled the government may not allocate relief funds based upon gender and race. It ordered for the ceasing of using such criteria when processing a relief application.

It’s stunning that our government would deny a business owner aid due to their race. Many different Civil Rights laws prevent such a thing. Yet Joe Biden believed he could send White business owners to the back.

Don’t Democrats tout equality? Then why do they persist in pushing for this sort of discrimination?

Were white business owners immune from all the lockdown orders? Nope. But in Biden’s small brain, white people deserve to suffer.

A court did not agree and now Biden is getting what he deserves. At least for now. We wouldn’t be surprised if he or his team tried another similar agenda later on.

Author: Scott Dowdy