Federal Judge Blows Holes Through Biden’s Dreams

A federal judge has stopped New York state from enforcing medical workers from being vaccinated after a group of healthcare employees sued the state, governor, and health department, claiming their constitutional rights were being broken.

Judge David Hurd gave the order this week. Several litigants, including nurses and doctors, claimed their First Amendment rights were broken by the mandate, which does not allow religious exemptions.

For the past seven weeks, New York radio personality Shannon Joy was rallying the medical community and large groups of health workers marched outside the University of Rochester Medical Center every week, speaking out on medical tyranny and the vaccine mandates.

According to their lawsuit, “The plaintiffs are medical professionals whose religious beliefs compel them to refuse the available COVID-19 vaccination, all of which use aborted fetus cells during their testing or production.”

The lawsuit also quotes the ACLU about forced vaccination in 2008 (before they decided that forced vaccination is really liberating):

“No one should be forced to get vaccinated against their will due to the constitutional right to refuse treatment, and because forced vaccination will keep some people from seeking medical treatment when they need it.” “After this bad logic, several proposals have tried to deal with any ‘public health emergency,’ … by using police-state tactics, like forced vaccinations and treatment, and criminal sanctions for people who do not follow the rules.” -The ACLU in 2008

The document also outlines the dumb response to coronavirus that New York went through, including the terrible deaths of nursing patients, which were avoidable.

“The legacy of Governor Cuomo’s medical dictatorship was the second most COVID deaths in the nation. There is an FBI investigation into the concealment of the 15,000 coronavirus deaths caused by Governor Cuomo’s order to send COVID-positive people to nursing homes after being discharged from the hospital. And two months before his final day in office, Cuomo rescinded his declaration of the “State disaster emergency”—a long fifteen months after it was made. There is no public health emergency in this State. Despite the media pushing fear over the Delta and Mu variant.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire