First Democrat Calls For Cuomo’s Resignation

Kathleen Rice, a NY congresswoman, became the first DNC lawmaker from the state to demand that Governor Andrew Cuomo resign.

Rice, who is a four term lawmaker in NY’s 4th Congressional District, called for the governor to resign this week after yet another woman accused him of sexual harassment.

“The time is here. Cuomo must resign,” the congresswoman said on Twitter, including a link to a NY Times story revealing Anna Ruch’s story that Cuomo made unwanted sexual advances toward her during a wedding in 2020.

Ruch claimed Cuomo came up to her at a wedding and placed his hand on her bare back. After she pushed his hand away, he then remarked that she was “aggressive” and placed his hands on her face. Ruch claimed he then asked to kiss her, and she jerked away in shock. A friend corroborated her story and said he heard the governor make the comments, also corroborating the story are photos and texts from the wedding.

She is the third woman in seven days to come forward to accuse the governor of inappropriate sexual advances.

Lindsey Boylan, who was inside the governor’s administration from 2015 to 2018, accused him of kissing her without consent and inviting her to play strip poker. Days after she revealed the story, Charlotte Bennett, who was an adviser on health policy and the governor’s executive assistant, also accused him of inappropriate behavior.

Bennett said Cuomo asked her uncomfortable questions, like how she felt about age differences in relationships and saying he would not mind dating a 20-something year old woman.

Multiple NY lawmakers have called for an investigation into Cuomo’s actions, but Rice is the first to go so far as to call for his resignation.

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