Foreign Media Catches Wind Of Biden’s Dementia

Joe Biden’s mental issues have been reported on by conservatives, while Democrats have tried to avoid the topic.

But what does the rest of the planet think about it? They can see what we’re seeing and without the American media spinning it.

And some of them are worried.

Paul Murray from Australia on Sky News interviewed Miranda Devine from the NY Post and they talked about Biden cognitively declining.

Murray said Biden was “wilder than Obama” in terms of his policies.

Devine then asks a question about VP Kamala Harris calling foreign leaders. She’s actually physically met with some of them too. The Biden administration says Biden is helping her to increase her foreign policy skills.

Devine then mentions the Univision interview where Biden talked about dismantling the protections at the southern border that Trump put in place. He is then asked about reopening border facilities. Biden says “they” reopened one in Texas. But as he’s trying to explain that’s to look after unaccompanied children and seems to stumble a bit, his wife cuts in and says the difference between team Biden and the previous White House is that team Biden is doing it “humanely.”

Why is Jill Biden suddenly interrupting on policy? That’s not her job. Devine criticized Jill’s interruption saying that she was not elected, she should not be interrupting.

Devine also highlighted that Biden has not had a press conference in over a month, he has made short statements reading from a script. She then said “he loses his thought” and “doesn’t appear to understand what he’s reading.”

If these concerns are being raised by our Australian allies, what do our enemies think? That may explain why Iran is reportedly making troubling moves. And might explain any further push-backs from America’s enemies.

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