Former ICE Chief Reveals How Horrifying Biden’s Plans Really Are

Former ICE Field Office Leader, Tom Feeley, has said that President Biden’s ICE leadership could be pressuring the local offices to ‘catch and release’ migrants into the U.S.

Feeley said the huge migrant rush is triggering an increase in movement of migrants from the southern border to other cities, creating room for more people to be at the border as they converge, especially the people close to Del Rio, Texas, Fox News has said.

The surge of migrants coming illegally onto American soil has overtaken ICE and possibly increased the need to move migrants to other locations, like Harrisburg, Denver, Yakima, New York City, and Minneapolis. It is being touted like a ‘catch and release’ program on a greater scale.

“It is happening on a grand scale,” Feeley said. “They are getting hit every day with calls from headquarters about who they can let go to make room for more individuals on the border. And the next week, they are getting more calls pretty much daily, again, about who to release to allow more room for the next batch at the border.”

Feeley said, saying that “we are catching them at the border, sending them into the interior, releasing them and allow more in and then releasing them and then allow more in and releasing them.”

Just last week, Senator Ted Cruz showed stunning video revealing 10,000+ migrants staying under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Senator Cruz slammed the Biden White House for allowing the open border problem to get worse, saying it was a crisis. Cruz tagged it using the hashtag #BidenBorderCrisis and led to more than 31,000 reactions.

The migrants started setting up tents after they illegally came into the U.S. and appear to be keeping put as Joe Biden’s ICE attempts to contain them and create a plan to possibly hide the agenda, as stressed by Ted Cruz.

VP Kamala Harris also has high levels of scrutiny after getting tapped as the ‘border czar’ but letting the situation get worse.

Criticism for the VP comes from both sides as even a liberal media host asked where she was.

“How about the message from our VP? Where is she right now? She was supposed to be handling these migration topics, going to the Northern Triangle countries that are obviously not Haiti,” Stephanie Ruhle from MSNBC said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire