Former Trump Official Warns Conservatives “This Is a Setup”

Roger Stone is giving a new warning to Trump supporters about this Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally that is planned at the Capitol by the group Look Ahead America. He is saying that this event is simply an “agitprop” plan and was created to “setup” to Trump supporters to make them look like dangerous people.

“This is called agitprop,” Stone said during his appearance on “Russia Today,” which was aired on a segment on “Eat the Press.” “I do not know a single person who is going. It is a setup.”

Stone is asking MAGA supporters to keep away.

“No, my fellow patriots, stay away from DC,” Stone said. “This is what is known as a setup.”

Stone said for Trump supporters to certainly not bring guns, warning about “the danger is clear.”

“Here is my suggestion: The American people who will show up will all be government agents,” Stone said. “Nice try.”

“If there is a single armed person there, he will be working for the government,” he said. “This is so clear. Who would even go there armed?”

“Folks, I am asking you all: Pleas stay away. Stay at home, and of course, never bring a gun to DC.”

Stone admitted there are “many unanswered questions about January 6,” but Saturday’s rally will not give answers.

Instead, the event is an anti-Trump can “to recreate Jan 6th,” according to Roger Stone.

“It is about sympathy,” he said. “Let’s face it: Jan. 6 gave them the greatest opportunity they have ever had to break our rights and remove our freedoms, especially our First Amendment rights.”

The founder of Look Ahead America, Matt Braynard, said via Twitter that attendees should not wear MAGA or any political gear:

“We request people coming to our events to not wear any clothes or signs supportive of either Trump or Biden. Anyone not keeping to this request will be seen as an infiltrator and we will get your photo and make you famous.”

Braynard stressed in a followup tweet the rally is about the people unfairly incarcerated from the January 6 rally and protest.

Author: Scott Dowdy