General Flynn Proves COVID Wasn’t Just An Attack From China

General Flynn has said he thinks that coronavirus is a ‘weaponized operation’ of China against the U.S.

In his recent interview, President Trump’s former security adviser stressed the Intelligence report from the House that said Covid was likely from a Wuhan lab leak. He added that the government should disclose to the public what it knows about experiments inside China.

“The American people are demanding answers. I believe we will find out eventually that this was a weaponized operation by China along with collaboration from other nations,” said Flynn.

Flynn also spoke about how millions of Americans have lost their businesses and income due to the shutdowns and are now demanding total accountability from Biden. President Biden has since reached out to the Intelligence Community to research the source of the pandemic and has asked that they double down on their investigation. He is expecting a fresh report within 90 days.

Author: Steven Sinclaire