Globalist Start Arresting Christian Preachers, You Won’t Believe Why

A pastor named Artur Pawlowski, who has fought against the Canadian tyrants that are trying to criminalize religious freedom during the pandemic, was arrested for a second time just before he was planning to talk to a some of the Canadian truckers that are against the U. S. draconian Covid-19 mandates.

The pastor, who was with the Street and Cave of Adallum Churches in Calgary, Alberta, was arrested when he was apparently on his way to a church service at a blockade that was created by the truckers beside the U. S. border.

“I don’t cooperate with Nazis,” Pawlowski strongly said after Canadian police complained of him not standing up to help with their arrest.

Pawlowski is thankfully not alone. A little while after his arrest, the brother of the pastor, Dawid Pawlowski, read a statement from Artur talking about the abusive conditions in the Canadian jail.

“He was strip-searched 2 times for contraband,” Dawid began.

“He was made to use the bathroom with an officer watching. He was locked in a small cage 2 times that resembled a kennel for a dog with no air circulation in it, suffocating him and not giving him water to drink for many hours. After that, he was bound to a hard bench 3 times for hours without any water to drink. When he was taken back to his jail cell, his room was all messed up from being searched for contraband. His narrated letter to his lawyer and his bible had been taken.”

“I guess in a new Iron Curtain of Chinada you are not permitted to talk about your dissatisfaction with the evil, deceiving, lying, wicked, corrupted government official,” Artur Pawlowski told Canadian outlet Rebel News when he was in jail following the Jan. 1 arrest. “I was handcuffed, arrested for mischief, obstruction, and for breach, for some reason, I do not know, but I am facing these charges.”

An Oct. court order ruling that said he must explicitly label any of his own feelings about the Chinese Covid pandemic as opposed to the “medical experts,” while also describing what they believe. Some think that the court ruling was because of a political agenda instead of going by the rule of law; a judge on the matter decided that “if the 3 anti-mask, pandemic-denying, leaders keep on preaching to their followers, they must also give the perspective of medical experts.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire