Globalists Prepare For Incoming Economic Collapse

Recently, Reuters published a report which did not get nearly enough attention from the American public – its contents would alarm most people worried about the outbreak of another ‘global catastrophes’. At the very least it is curious timing: during the recent pandemic triggered disruption in the global supply chain, powerful country and banking companies decided to run a global economic collapse scenario.

The report said that Israel led a “10-nation simulation of a large cyber attack against the worldwide financial system during an attempt to boost cooperation that might help to minimize any possible damage to banks.” It was focused on a catastrophic event in which smart “hackers were 10 steps in front of us,” as reported by one person who took part.

Called “Collective Strength”, the exercise happened in Jerusalem and featured the participation of the U.S., UK, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, and the Netherlands. Officials from the IMF, Bank of International Settlements and World Bank were also there.

The financial-geopolitical sim was set during a scenario where sensitive information was published on the Dark Web, which had “fake news” reports going viral among societies, resulting in the collapse of the global economy and causing a run on the banks. Further, the simulation caused a series of devastating hacks aimed at global foreign exchange computers, which also ruined transactions between exporters and importers, as reported by Reuters.

What was a “successful” exercise was targeted at each country getting prepared to contain the financial damage coming from some sort of major cyber threat. The crucial takeaway was that quick global cooperation and easy communication among countries, would there be the ability to stop total collapse of the global financial system.

Interestingly, some nations said in reality they would respond quicker than they did in the simulation. They said “in a true cyber attack governments would take action faster than in the simulation,” according to Reuters. “One European leader said that in the event of an attack, his nation would not wait for 10 days before acting.”

However, we do doubt that a Western public would feel “comforted” by liberal global elites working in a simulated meltdown type of situation. Again, as if the pandemic were not enough of a “real world” crisis scenario, one questions why they need to game out a ‘fake’ scenario in the first place.

Author: Blake Ambrose