Globalists Prepare To Steal Your Private Property

The EU is reportedly drafting a new law that will let Brussels seize private property while in a pandemic emergency.

In a recently leaked message sent to his staff, Thierry Breton, the European Union’s Internal Market Commissioner, explained his plans for a “Single Market Emerg Instrument” that’ll have many tools to ensure the “security of supplies during a crisis”.

The measures will be recommended in the Spring and are thought to potentially include some controls on new powers and also exports for the European Union to obtain data from businesses on production, supply chains and stockpiles.

In his statement, Breton had justified needing the new law by stating that the EU “will not let corporate interests interfere with the bigger interest of the people in Europe.”

Ursula von der Leyen also wants a European Union Single Market Emergency Instrument to help “speed up decisions, whenever an important situation emerges”.

Several EU member states have already tried to seize private goods that were destined for other countries during the pandemic.

France was accused of having displayed “a lack of EU solidarity” when it was thought to have blocked a large shipment of masks to Spain and Italy in order to strengthen domestic supplies.

France has also targeted the UK with aggressive “requisition” policies, which includes when the Macron government had seized 3 British lorries that were carrying hand sanitizer and 130,000 masks destined for UK healthcare employees. The supplies were finally transported to Britain after the United Kingdom government stepped in.

After receiving a lack of support from the European Union during the pandemic, Italy was forced to depend on China for aid after neighboring nations initially refused to allow Italy to buy any PPE or ventilators from them.

In March of 2020, Germany also banned exports of all medical gear such as gloves, masks and bio-hazard suits because of their shortage fears.

The EU threatened to have vaccine deliveries blocked that were heading to the United Kingdom in March of this year shortly after Britain was able to pre-order vaccines with AstraZeneca before the EU. French Pres. Macron demanded the EU to “block all of the exports for as long as it took for some drug companies to respect their commitments to the Europeans”.

In Jan., Brussels also tried to undermine the sovereignty of the British in Northern Ireland by placing a blockade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and also between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain in an attempt to keep control of UK-bound vaccines.

After condemnation from Belfast, Dublin and London, the European Union changed course fast on its attempt to create a hard border with Ireland.

Author: Blake Ambrose