GOP Gives Biden a ‘Counter Offer’ He’s Dying To Accept

After months of Biden pushing his “infrastructure” plan, a term that is now completely meaningless, Republicans are trying to fold on the issue. Conservatives are pushing a $1 trillion counter-proposal which will be the next step toward what will be called a “compromise.”

The new plan, from six Republicans being led by Senator Shelley Moore Capito, includes their counter-offer to Biden’s $1.7 trillion proposal that removed $500 billion from the previous $2.25 trillion program in an attempt to reach a bipartisan agreement.

“Hopefully, this will move things along,” Capito said on Wednesday.

Why is any conservative seeking to make a deal on infrastructure when inflation is out of control and the economy is stagnating?

When Republicans propose something extreme, do Democrats rush to come up with a compromise? No! They don’t give their opposition a victory while destroying their constituents.

This country does not have an infrastructure issue. And even if it did, any huge infrastructure program will simply be used to funnel massive amounts of money to special interests. Republicans never seem to learn.

Now is the time for the Republican party to get serious about winning 2022, not giving Biden a gift that will do nothing but make things worse. We can’t keep printing money. Even if we only focus on the current inflationary effects, and ignore the long term effects, we see that this must stop.

Author: Blake Ambrose