GOP Governor Cracks Down On Big Tech

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis (R) hit back against large tech companies – announcing numerous new measures to fight censorship and encourage the free movement of ideas.

As reported recently by Breitbart, the new rules – announced this Tuesday during the Governor’s speech – include default opt-outs on filters for Florida citizens, $100,000 daily fines, and gives citizens the right to sue tech companies over censorship.

“What started as a collection of small companies has transformed into a monopoly of platforms that control and influence the information in our nation, and they do this to a level we have never seen before,” said the Governor, adding “These companies have changed from platforms that give Americans the freedom to exchange ideas into enforcers of select narratives. Given this power, these companies have played a decisive role in deciding our elections, and have harmed Americans who dissented from narratives favored by these tech monopolies.”


Around 250 million Americans have social media accounts. Which is around 4 out of every 5 citizens.

Other conservative leaders in Florida issued their take on the Governor’s announcement.

“Florida is grabbing back the virtual town hall as a safe place where ideas can be shared. We are not stopping until we get transparency from these tech giants,” Chris Sprowls, the State House Speaker said in his statement.

“The tech companies must allow different views on their websites. No citizen should be censored. But we need to be clear: They are going after conservatives,” stated State Senate President Wilton Simpson.

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