GOP Governor Dishes Out The Ultimate Betrayal


In the latest shocking instance of RINO Republicanism, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill on Monday that would have guarded children from being given drugs before then being sexually mutilated as part of what liberals call “gender transitioning.”

The Governor vetoed the bill because of what he said was a “government overreach” that would harm the “parent, doctor, child, relationship.” He said he felt bad for transgender kids who would be forced to stop taking hormone-changing drugs if the bill were passed.

“It makes my heart break when I think about it,” Hutchinson explained.

He also stated it was possible for his colleagues to overturn his veto. The legislature is controlled by Republicans, many of whom really do have the courage to protect children against the LGBT agenda, which is always after children, in every way possible.

Author: Blake Ambrose


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