GOP Governor Enrages Democrats With New Election Law

GOP Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has enacted an election law that would bolster voting rules in the state by capping the amount of ballot drop boxes and putting in place photo ID rules for absentee ballots, among more changes.

The bill, Senate Bill 202, was enacted by the state’s legislature with a vote total of 34-20 in the Senate and 100-75 in the House. The goal for the bill is to guarantee safe and fair elections.

The bill will force voters to give photo ID before using absentee ballots, and it limits the amount of ballot drop boxes, capping their placement to early-voting spots and making them only available while those location are open.

The law also grants the State Elections Board the power to control county boards in areas where more oversight is needed. The Secretary of State would also no longer be the chairman or chairwoman of the State Elections Board.

Going further, the law also reduces the runoff election time frame, bringing it from nine weeks to four weeks.

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), now the leader of the activist organization Greater Georgia, celebrated the bill:

Author: Blake Ambrose

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