GOP Lawmakers Tighten Voting Rules

Republican state leaders in three states where Trump was narrowly defeated are attempting to restrict their states’ mail-in vote policies.

The move comes after President Trump went after vote-by-mail in the leadup to the election, which was enacted in certain states to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Trump asserted many times that vote-by-mail would mean “fraud” and would “ruin this nation.”

There was a large increase in mail-in voting in the national November election, with the majority of those votes being cast by Democrats.

Now, at the state legislative level, Republican lawmakers are pushing a flood of laws to restrict mail-in votes.

In Georgia, GOP state Senator Jason Anavitarte put forth SB 29 recently. A bill, that if passed, would force voters to show ID when requesting a ballot and dropping a ballot off.

President Biden claimed Georgia by around 12,000 votes out of almost 5 million voters.

In Arizona, several bills were introduced to limit or remove vote-by-mail entirely. SB 1503, put forth by state Senator Kelly Townsend (R-Mesa), will require voters to turn in their ballots in person.

State lawmaker John Fillmore (R-Apache Junction), pushed for the limiting of mail-in voting to only people who are not physically capable of getting to the polls.

Another bill would remove voters from the early voting registry if they did not vote-by-mail in two consecutive elections.

Biden won the state of Arizona by just above 10,000 ballots.

In Pennsylvania, GOP state Senator Doug Mastriano put forth legislation to remove the “no-excuse” absentee voting rule.

Biden won the state of Pennsylvania by right above 80,000 ballots out of almost 7 million votes.

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