GOP Leader Taunts Fugitive Democrats With Incoming Jail Time

Texas Dems just will not leave. Seriously, a few are remaining in D.C. even though they have been in DC for weeks at this point, having left their state to show themselves at the Capitol. This charade was done in protest of an election security law being discussed in Texas.

Some members have gone along with House hearings to talk about their stance on voter rights, including the hearing on Thursday titled “Democracy in Danger: The Attack on Texas Voting Rights.”

Republican Congressman Chip Roy (TX) used his time to put attention on his fellow Texans and ask if they knew their presence in Washington was illegal under Texas law since they were not in the state during the session.

“Now, each of you know you are violating Texas law by being not being in Texas during their session?,” Roy said. “And that it would be justified to arrest all of you if you were in Texas to transport you to the Texas House? We all agree that this is fact?”

State Congressman Diego Bernal (D-123) attempted to argue that this was not constitutional, though when asked to just say if it was Texas law, he said “I don’t believe so.”

Congressman Roy then set the record straight by reminding the Democrat that Texas law says “you are meant to be in session, that you are meant to be there conducting your constitutional job.”

State Congresswoman Senfronia Thompson, also gave her opinion about the law when replying to Roy’s inquiry that she did accept Biden’s For the People Act. Then she replied to Democratic Chair Jamie Raskin (MD), stating “I am ready to get arrested. I’m not breaking the law, and I am representing my people, and I am ready. I am ready to go,” she said before Rep. Roy then reclaimed the time.

“For the record, the lawmakers from Texas think they should have to go to Washington, go to the federal officials, on what we need to do for Texas election laws,” Rep. Roy had also reported in his comments above, based on yes responses from Texas Congressman Bernal, State Congressmember Thompson and State Congresswoman Nicole Collier.

Author: Scott Dowdy