GOP Senator Comes Up With An Impeachment Plan That Might Actually Work

The Taliban’s ownership of Afghanistan is giving everyone time to think right now — specifically, begging us to ponder who is responsible for the U.S. mis-managed pull out from the nation after 20 years of war.

Florida Senator Rick Scott thinks the answer is simply, and a majority of American citizens share his opinion.

This week, the GOP senator raised concerns about President Biden’s fitness for office, taking to Twitter to push the idea of using the 25th Amendment.

“After the disastrous outcome in Afghanistan, we must think of a serious question: Is Biden capable of performing the duties of his title and office or has the time come to use the 25th Amendment?” he said, adding to his string of tweets which called out Biden for increasing inflation and his role in the infamous open border agenda.

It is an interesting proposition, especially since we heard a lot about the 25th Amendment after the Capitol protest in January — with leftists being above the idea just days before Trump left office.

Dem Rep. David Cicilline even went public with the idea at the time via Twitter.

Now the GOP has their shot at using the amendment, which says that if two-thirds of both houses determine “the president is not able to use the duties of his office,” the VP shall assume power.

The amendment affords the Biden a mechanism to challenge any accusations of his ineptness, however, by “giving to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the House Speaker their written declaration that the President is not able to discharge his or her duties of his office.”

However, even during Trump’s time, the Congressional Research Service said that “the section was not meant to facilitate the removal of a failed President,” especially given that any invocation of the amendment could spark a “constitutional crisis.”

To go deeper, NPR stressed that, “The amendment’s language says if the VP and either most of the executive Cabinet or a review body created by Congress declares that the president is unfit for duty, then the VP immediately becomes the president.”

We will have to wait and see. Even before Biden entered the White House, many people theorized that congressional Democrats wanted to declare Biden unfit so that Kamala Harris could take his place.

Author: Steven Sinclaire