GOP Sends Chilling Threat To Biden Over Outrageous Agenda

House Republicans are warning of huge risks if Biden removes a Trump-era health order arranging for migrants to be returned to their home nations.

“You cannot separate the current coronavirus pandemic from border rules,” the letter from 26 GOP members, who were led by Republican lawmaker Rep. Jodey Arrington from Texas, said.

“Stopping this order would put Americans in harms way, while stretching our resources to unmaintainable levels.”

In 2020, Trump enacted “Title 42” health restrictions in response to covid that allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants trying to get through the border.

The Biden White House has not yet said it will reverse the rule. But GOP lawmakers stress the harm that removing the order would do to border towns, health workers, and police at the border.

“Repealing Title 42 will place our CBP personnel at risk, and add additional strains to our healthcare system, and incentivize more illegals to come here,” the letter says.

They pushed Biden to “seriously think about the grave risks of allowing untested individuals into our nation.

“With all the work we have done to prevent and treat our citizens and stop the spread of coronavirus, removing Title 42 would be indefensible,” they said.

Republicans this week sent over another letter slamming Biden’s proposal to grant millions of illegals a path to citizenship.

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