Governor Says State With Most Coronavirus Deaths Is The Safest

Photo Via CNBC

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed people fleeing to New York — the state with the highest coronavirus death toll– seeking “safety” from other states with surging coronavirus numbers.

Cuomo argued that his state is now “safe” during a Monday press conference, and suggested that the inbound travel could bring about another coronavirus surge for New York.

“The problem is you have it now increasing in 40 states across the nation. How do you keep the virus in 40 states from coming into New York? We now have people coming to New York fleeing from the other states because it’s the ‘safe’ state,” Cuomo said.

It’s ironic to see Gov. Cuomo concerned about this issue due to that when New York was the epicenter of the virus early on, its residents fled all over the country which played a key role in spreading it to other states.

“We have people coming here just for the purpose of fleeing the virus in their state. Really the only answer is those other states have to get the virus under control,” Cuomo added. In May, a team of geneticists traced the origins of strains of the coronavirus from all over the country and sourced almost all of them back to New York.

“We now have enough data to feel pretty confident that New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country,” Yale School of Public Health epidemiologist Nathan Grubaugh said at the time.

Cuomo — ignoring New York’s role in spreading COVID-19 — also attacked President Donald Trump’s response to the virus and blamed the federal government in part for coronavirus cases that are rising across the South and West.

“The federal government has been incompetent on this situation. The federal government has been in denial on this situation. The federal government has pressured these other states to reopen recklessly, which they did,” Cuomo said.

“President ‘Liberate, Liberate, Liberate.’ All the protests against New York, how many times did I get into confrontations with protesters? ‘President Trump says you should reopen the economy,’” Cuomo continued. “I said if I reopen the economy recklessly, all it’s going to do is increase the virus, and if the virus goes up the economy is going to have to close back down. No, no, no, which is exactly what happened to these other states. Their mistake was they listened to the president.”

New York remains the state with the highest number of total cases in the U.S. and has the second highest number of deaths per million.

Cuomo also seems to be conveniently forgetting the personal role he played in racking up the coronavirus related deaths in his state after he forced nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for coronavirus. This horrifying decision by the Democratic governor essentially led to a genocide of the elderly in his state and the blood is on his hands.

His administration conducted a study of New York’s response to the virus in an effort to coverup the disastrous situation that he created. The study tried to blame nursing home workers for spreading the virus among the state’s elderly rather than his cruel decision.

Democrat State Rep. Vernon Jones from Georgia on Tuesday blasted Cuomo after the NY Gov traveled to Georgia to advise local officials on how to combat the coronavirus.

“How can he tell us how to do things in Georgia when the blood is on his hands for the number of seniors who died in those long-term care facilities, where he did not have the proper protocol, where they were forced to take patients who had the coronavirus,” Jones said.

“He should be the last one to tell us how to do anything in Georgia. I think he needs to stay in New York and try to fix the virus that’s going on in the streets in New York, where people are burning, looting, hurting and attacking police officers,” Jones added.

Jones later concluded, “[Cuomo] needs to stay home.”

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