Guess What Just Went “Missing” In Wisconsin?

The next time a liberal family member tells you there is no proof of a shady election happening, show him or her this article.

Evidence is not exactly proof, but enough evidence can lead to proof. That said, there is an increasing amount of evidence in multiple states involving potential election fraud.

Wisconsin somehow “lost track” of over 82,000 mail-in ballots which were cast in the 2020 election that Joe Biden won by a small 20,000 votes. That is over four times the difference. This news comes from a report by a nonprofit group called the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

A further investigation by the group found that 1.4 million ballots were sent through the mail. Of those, 6,458 could not be delivered, 2,981 were rejected, and the majority, 76,308, had an “unknown” fate.

“The federal numbers reveal the 2020 election had more mail-in ballots that were never even counted, than the margin of victory in the election in the state of Wisconsin,” J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Foundation said in a comment. “This is not the way to manage an election,” said Adams, a former Justice Dept. lawyer. “Mail ballots invite errors, disenfranchisement, and allows the post office to determine the outcome of elections.”

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has disputed these findings. A commission spokesperson said the report “mischaracterizes voting systems and cherry-picks information,” adding that it was “unreliable and sloppy work.”

Wisconsin is among the three most closely heated states in the United States, along with Arizona and Georgia, each of which Joe Biden won by only 0.6% or under. A Washington Post report in Feb. 2021 found that changing around 90,000 votes across these states could have given the GOP the House, Senate, and the Presidency.

Unaccounted-for votes are not total proof that the outcome would have been different, as it’s impossible to find out how many of these votes were for Biden vs Trump. But according to this legal group, this is the first time, going back to 2012 at least, that the amount of unaccounted-for ballots was greater than the margin of victory, and this is completely unacceptable.

Author: Blake Ambrose