Guess Who Just Flipped The Covid-19 Narrative Upside Down?

The sitting president of the U.S. advised by the country’s top infectious diseases experts, does not know what is now known by most Americans; that vaccinated people can allegedly still spread Covid-19.

For those people keeping track, this is the second top issue Biden did not have knowledge of – the first being a global spat with France over their tri-lateral submarine agreement.

Speaking in Illinois this week, Biden urged more companies to institute stricter vaccine requirements – saying they were “tough medicine” that will aid in getting the U.S. out of the covid pandemic.

In addition to not recognizing that naturally-acquired immunity for people who have gotten and recovered from covid, Joe Biden also made it clear that he had no idea vaccinated people are able to spread the virus.

“If you go for care at a hospital, you should have the certainty that those giving you care are safe from Covid and so cannot spread the virus to you,” Joe Biden said, going over his rationale behind forcing healthcare employees to get the vaccine or be fired from their job.

Watch (the part in question starts around 50 seconds):

Biden’s latest false comment comes one week after Biden’s CDC leader Rochelle Walensky said that vaccines “cannot stop transmission.”

“These vaccines are working very well. They keep working for Delta in relation to severe illness and deaths – they stop this from happening, but what they can’t do is stop transmission,” she said to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “So if you are going home to a person who is not vaccinated…I would recommend you use a mask in indoor settings,” she said.

Again, this is now commonly promoted knowledge by Democrats themselves. So why is the president of the United States – or whomever made his speech going against this? It is a bizarre slip-up on the part of the White House that is actually kind of scary. Why lie about vaccinated people being able to transfer the virus? Is it to enforce vaccine mandates onto unvaccinated Americans? We would hope not, but this is one mix-up that does lend weight to the idea.

Author: Blake Ambrose