Here’s the Exact Tweet Trump Sent That Everyone’s Freaking Out Over… and It’s Perfect

By Josh Manning July 16th, 2019 | Image Source: CNN

The mainstream media has dedicated Monday morning to breathless coverage, but that coverage wasn’t of an international crisis, nor the dismal state of American education, nor the destruction of Western culture, nor even a weather catastrophe.

No, their breathless coverage focused on … a tweet.

Sunday, President Donald Trump posted a message on Twitter that asked a question no one on the left wants to answer.

So, instead of answering that question, the left and their establishment media allies threw their hate machine into overdrive and then feigned astonishment at the president’s gall.

What, then, did Trump tweet — and what did he ask — that was so offensive, so awful, so disgusting that it had the left caterwauling particularly loudly?

Simple. He asked his followers why progressives from countries that are more or less failed states with barely (if any) functioning government tell the people of the United States how their own government should be run.

That’s not a bad question. Now the predictable response, of course, is that Rep. Ilhan Omar, whom the president certainly was referring to, was elected by the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, and that’s why she tells the people how their government should run.

That response ignorantly assumes that elected officials tell the people how government should run, when in democracies and republics, it’s the people who determine how the government will run, and they do this by electing from among themselves people who carry out their vision.

But leave that ignorant response aside for now. The bigger issue is why all the outrage over a simple question. The answer is that Trump’s tweet struck at the heart of what the Democratic Party is becoming and the left has always been.

Trump’s tweet exposed the left’s exponentially increasing tendency to “loudly and viciously” tell the people of the United States — the most powerful, wealthy nation in history — that they’ve got it all wrong.

That is, of course, what leftists believe because the very idea of America — that of a free nation of free peoples with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of their own happiness — is anathema to leftists, who instead value censorship, disarmament and slavery to the state.

Those are the same leftists, by the way, who are taking over the Democratic Party.

The coup de grace de Twitter, however, was when Trump suggested that those who want to bend the American government to their way of thinking should simply return home. Presumably, Omar is the only one that comment really applies to, but still the sting is peculiarly deep because it suggests that these leftists have created what the president once referred to as “s—hole countries.”

And there’s the rub. Trump linked leftism with utter failure. Now Omar’s native Somalia hasn’t failed because of leftism, but that’s little succor to a left that knows just how many failures its ideology has created — the Soviet Union, its prison house of nations, Cuba, Venezuela, China (where growing a beard can land you in a re-education camp) and North Korea.

Trump is onto the left. Who knows what he knew about leftism when he became president. At this point, though, he has seen it for what it is: a cancer that travels through nations’ cultures and into politics, feeding on freedom as it consumes from the inside out.

The president is fighting that fate in America. And that — that — is why the left hates him so very much.

Author: Josh Manning

Source: Western Journal: Here’s the Exact Tweet Trump Sent That Everyone’s Freaking Out Over… and It’s Perfect

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